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Monday, December 08, 2008

Another long drive...time for some listening

Just got back from driving elder son back to school. He's currently boarding in Devon, 3 h 19 minutes away when the roads are clear. I had to drive down and pick him up on Thursday and then return him tonight. That's a lot of driving.

Only one thing to do - that's listen to stuff. On the segments when I'm driving on my own, I can whack the volume up to decent levels, which I find always helps you to enjoy the music more. As a muso myself, I always enjoy hearing the different bits and how they fit together. I hate music as aural wallpaper, barely loud enough to hear - just providing some background noise.

My listening varies. An embarrasingly varied mix. Today I revisited Wishbone Ash (not listened to them for possibly a decade; used to love them when I was 16-19, and even saw them in concert once) and Nanci Griffith. Also popular at the moment, Sarah McLachlan's Afterglow and Sarah Bareilles' Little Voice. I'm off AC/DC and Rush at the moment.

I also listen to Radio 4. Caught a really interesting program on carbon dioxide this evening, presented by Chris Rapley, director of the Science Museum, who was at the tasting I gave there earlier this year. There was also a program on the Darien scheme - important in the history of Scotland, but something I'd never heard about before.

The wine tonight is a crisp, minerally Rully.

Domaine Ninot Rully Blanc 'La Barre' 2006 Burgundy, France
A Chablis-like expression of Chardonnay: crisp, minerally, precise and with a taut presence. There's good concentration here and lovely fresh acidity. Distinct minerality is the central theme. Serious in a savoury, traditional style. 13% alcohol. 89/100 (12.95 Jeroboams here)



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