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Monday, June 30, 2008

Old Sherry rocks!

Sherry, like Madeira, is best old. Very old. [The exception is Fino/Manzanilla, which is best young. Very young.]

I'm trying two very old Sherries side by side tonight, both of which I've blogged on before. They're both brilliantly complex, beguiling, thrilling wines, but there are some differences. Tonight I'm slightly preferring the first, the Hidalgo Oloroso Viejo VORS, which is a little warmer and mellower than the second, the Fortnum and Mason Oloroso VORS from Bodegas Tradicion that I reported on last week, although it's a close run thing.

You only need to sip a very small quantity of these wines, such is their power and complexity. The finish is just amazing on both. Once you've sipped them, you can still taste them ten minutes later. And it just seems a bit foolish trying to describe the myriad flavours that dance on your palate in the form of a standard tasting note.



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