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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Golf at the Belfry

Just back from a tremendous weekend at the Belfry, where I got to play on the Brabazon course. The golf day was organized by New Zealand winery Craggy Range, and Fiona and the kids came too, which was a nice touch.

I was in a fourball with Chris Losh (editor of Imbibe), Warren Adamson (who runs NZ winegrowers in the UK) and TJ Peabody (joint MD of Craggy). Warren and Chris are very good golfers with single-figure handicaps. TJ and I aren't. But we had a fabulous time, and the course was magnificent (although the greens were slower and the rough longer than we were expecting, probably because of the time of year).

I hit one remarkable shot that was heading for a creek, hit the corner of the wooden banking on the other side of the creek and bounced back over the creek onto the fairway. I also hit a big drive into the trees only to see it bounce back onto the fairway. Luck was with me. But I still lost half-a-dozen balls.

It was really hot though, and so by the end we were all knackered. In the evening there was a dinner in the Ryder room, with some very nice Craggy wines. I felt a bit guilty because Fiona was left with the kids, dining on room service and watching TV. But the room did have a spectacular balcony looking over the 10th and 18th.

Pictured is the view looking back down from the 18th green. It's a real treat for someone of my golfing ability (low) to get to play a serious course.

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At 6:00 PM, Anonymous Alex Lake said...

Another crap golfer (I'm almost certainly worse than you!) agrees - playing nice courses (I've had a go at Val do Lobo) is one of life's great stolen treasures - like taking the afternoon off work for lunch with the SO, or being offered slurps of fine wine from a neighbouring offline while slumming it with the kids at Rotisserie Jules.

At 1:10 PM, Anonymous Doug said...

Just curious, Jamie. Is that spelling correct (sorry about the pedantry)? Surely, the Belfry?

At 1:44 PM, Blogger Jamie said...

Of course, Doug - thanks for the correction. Now amended. Blushes.

At 3:43 PM, Anonymous Keith Prothero said...

If you like Chris Mullineux wines on release,I shall organise a golfing day at Wentworth,and you can play the West Course with Chris and Fiona and the kids can spend the day at the pool.
Of course,I shall organise this Jamie,BEFORE you have tasted the wines!!!


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