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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Wine blogging, looking back

Had a phone call from Claire Hu of Wine and Spirit magazine who is preparing an article on wine blogs. One of the questions she asked was when it was that I began this rather strange practice of keeping an online journal, otherwise known as blogging. The answer is - a surprisingly long time ago.

The very first entry was on July 12th 2001 - you can access it here at the bottom of the page. The first photos didn't appear until December 26th 2002, which is when I got my first digital camera, and adding pictures to blog entries became practical. [See the archive for more entries.]

The blog moved to its current home in January 2006.

Tonight I'm off to a Spanish wine dinner, which I'm led to believe is black tie. I need to confirm this - wouldn't it be horrible to turn up in a dinner jacket and bow tie when everyone else is wearing something altogether more casual. And, for the record, day 2 of freelance life has been a gentle one: I finished an Express column, did some sorting in my office, checked my emails, wrote a blog entry and went for a walk with Fiona and RTL to Richmond Park, where we lunched on some fabulous steak pasties.



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