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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Post from the road

Quick post from the road:

Argentina has been great fun so far. It hasn't been straightforward, though. First, my luggage disappeared somewhere between London and Mendoza (the latest is that they have found it and it is waiting for me in Buenos Aires, so I will have to pick it up on the way home). As a result, I was left with the clothes I was standing up in, so I have had to resort to wearing various items of winery clothing. Unfortunately, wineries rarely sell branded socks or underpants. Hmmm, lovely.

I have also had a really sore throat, making it painful to swallow and speak. But the vineyards, wineries and wines have been great, and I even got to ride a horse in Cheval dos Andes.

Wineries visited so far include Cheval dos Andes, Fournier and Catena (we saw the Adrianna high altitude vineyard, which makes a stunning Malbec). Today we will be visiting Terrazas, Dona Paula and Achaval Ferrer.

I have a new pair of boxers and some new socks to wear today, which I purchased last night on the way to dinner, so I don't smell as much.

Oh, and British Airways business class rocks. More soon...



At 12:32 PM, Anonymous andrew@surf4wine said...

Note to surf4wine PR/marketing dept: Order surf4wine branded boxers and socks to send via International Rescue to journalists stranded without luggage. Did you travel via Heathrow T5? It might explain lack of luggage!

Must remember to ask you about Fournier visit when you are back... we've stocked some of their stuff from time to time, but never investigated it more closely.

At 9:36 PM, Blogger Jamie said...

Andrew, no T4, but I think the delayed luggage on the way back had something to do with the T5 chaos.

I like the Fournier wines - from three countries and two continents. Very smart operation.


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