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Friday, September 07, 2007

Congrats to Greg Sherwood MW

Congratulations to my old buddy Greg Sherwood, who has written several articles on South African wine for wineanorak, on being awarded his MW. [For those unfamiliar with this award, MW stands for Master of Wine; it's a fiendishly difficult task to pass the exams, and there are fewer than 300 MWs worldwide.]

Greg, a South African, manages the Handford Wine shop on the Old Brompton Road.


At 1:41 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have you considered going for the MW yourself, Jamie?

At 1:51 PM, Blogger Jamie said...

Yes, it's something I'd like to try. After next February, I may have the time to make this a realistic goal. It would be a lot of work - but I'm sure I would learn a great deal.

At 7:37 PM, Anonymous roger white said...

Jamie - I have just been reading your write up of the South West & Wales competition 2008 ( England ) - and thanks for starting of with how delicious some of the wines were.
However you also seemed to expect some" shockers " as you put it - and I'm glad you were surprised not to find many.
The answer is quite simple.
81 of the 89 award winners were made by 7 winemakers - 6 of whom feature very strongly in the English wine awards too.
I could only find 8 wines made by " enthusiastic part timers" which won an award.
The concentration of expertise in a few professional wineries and winemakers is a big part of the reason why English wines are being
" Hyped " now as you put it.
I don't know if you have visited the wineries concerned -but I would suspect you would be generally impressed by the winemaking standards and indeed the top quality equipment you would find there.
You are welcome to visit us at Yearlstone ( 8 awards at the nationals, 7 at the regionals ) whenever you like.
We have spent I think 1/4 million on our kit - in all, -
Hope you return for some more judging in the future

Roger White
Yearlstone Vineyard

At 7:42 PM, Anonymous roger white said...

On further analysis Jamie
7o of the 89 awards came from
4 winemakers.

Juliet White ( Yearlstone )
Duncah Schwab ( Sharpham )
Martin Fowke ( 3 Choirs )
Sam Lindo ( Camel )




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