Wine Photographs 
Hermitage, Northern Rhône, France

A series of pictures from Hermitage, in France's northern Rhône wine region: the birthplace of Syrah. Pictures are posted at low resolution; click on thumbnails for larger versions. All pictures are (c) Jamie Goode. Contact to enquire about rates for use (high resolution versions of these pictures available)

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La Chapelle (the chapel of St Christopher)
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Michel Chapoutier
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Tain l'Hermitage
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Les Greffieux
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Le Meal
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Looking east from le Meal
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Looking down from L'Hermite to Les Bessards and Tain
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hermitage36.jpg (76587 bytes)
Tain l'Hermitage and Tournon over the river
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hermitage48.jpg (62981 bytes)
The chapel of St Christopher
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Me in front of the Chapelle
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The Hill of Hermitage viewed from the other side of the River Rhone
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Published 12/11


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