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Portuguese Wine Awards 2007/Top 50 Tasting, London
Some pictures from the event, February 2007

Alistair Viner (Harrods) and Sophia Bergqvist (Quinta de la Rosa)

Charles Metcalfe, who chose this year's top 50 and picked up the journalism award for the second year running

Filipa Pato, winemaker from Bairrada

Greg Sherwood, Handford wines, with Maggie Rosen (journalist) in background

Jose Neiva, winemaker for DFJ

Kathryn McWhirter, Charles Metcalfe's better half, and a wine writer herself (she wrote for the independent for several years in the 1990s)

Neal Martin having a chuckle

Rita and Joao Soares of Malhadinha Nova

Simon Woods, runner up in the journalism awards, will be picking next year's Top 50

David Williams (editor Wine and Spirit) demonstrates that he has a better tailor than Charles Metcalfe


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