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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Craggy Range, recycling and umpiring

Three shorts.

First, a heads up. My extensive write-up from my visit to Craggy Range, which I reckon is one of the New World's most important wineries, is now up on the main site here and here.

Second, an interesting piece on the BBC news site here regarding a new recycling facility that, for the first time in the UK, makes recycling of plastic bottles (presumably including PET wine bottles) possible.

Finally, I'm an idiot. My son's cricket team had no one to umpire for tonight's U12 game, which he's playing in, and when I was phoned up last night I stupidly agreed to fill in. I know the laws of cricket, but I'm no umpire, and what happens if my son is batting and gets hit on the pads? It's a lose-lose-lose scenario. If he's out, and I give out, he's cross. If he's out and I give not out that would be wrong and I'd be criticised. If he's not out and I give not out, then I'll be under suspicion.