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Friday, November 28, 2008

The Perception of Wine tasting at The Athenaeum

The tasting last night that I did at The Athenaeum was great fun. It is a little unnerving to be standing up in front of people with such enormous IQs, and then to be talking on a topic that cuts across several fields of intellectual endeavour that I'm not really qualified to talk on (The perception of wine). But it went well.

Here are the wines we tried. It was interesting to see the reaction of the members to some of these - many of which will have been quite unfamiliar in style terms.

Prosecco di Conegliano, Casa Coste Piane
2006 Gringet, Terre Le Feu, Domaine Belluard - Savoie
2000 Savagnin Ouille, Emmanuel Houillon - Arbois
2006 Gevrey-Chambertin, Philippe Pacalet
2006 Trousseau, Cuvee des Geologues, Lucien Aviet - Arbois
2004 Schioppettino, Bressan, Friuli
2007 Kuenhof Veltliner, Peter Pliger - Alto-Adige
2007 Valle Isarco Kerner, Kofererhof - Alto-Adige
2006 Marcillac Cuvee Lairis, Jean-Luc Matha
2007 Syrah, Domaine Romaneaux-Destezet
2005 Jurancon, La Magendia de Lapeyre

I really enjoyed drinking these wines. They were wild, complex, weird and delicious in equal measure.


At 8:08 PM, Anonymous MikeTheWaiterDotCom said...

I haven't tasted the o6 gevrey-chambertin yet ... i bet it was marvelous...
peace, mtw

At 9:40 PM, Blogger Jamie said...

It was great, IMO, but many of the members found it problematic.


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