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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Holidaying in Croyde

Croyde, in north Devon, is quite a groovy place. It's got a bit of a buzz about it, a nice beach, and it's where we're staying this week for a family holiday.

The place is full of surf dudes. Normally, English seaside towns are full of retired old people who live in bungalows. Here, in north Devon, it's the surf dudes. Many of them also live in bungalows. Some of them are actually older than me; Peter Pan-like, they never grow up.

We've had some fun over the last few days. We've been on the beach, fishing in rockpools, cycling the Tarka Trail (below) and drinking Tribute from the St Austell brewery (it's a fresh, slightly citrussy, hoppy bitter - nice). Fiona's sister and their family live in neighbouring Braunton, and so we've had some fun with them, and they've looked after us really well; her brother and his family have also taken a cottage in Croyde so we've seen them as well, so it's been a lovely family time. All in all, it's been a great holiday. The English coast in late October - who'd have thought it.

Only one wine to report on. Clos Triguedena 2001 Cahors is everything we come to the southwest of France for: a bloody, intense, tannic, slightly earthy wine with lots of presence and personality. Not perfect, by any means, but its imperfections are part of its charm. Round off its edges and you've lost the soul of this wine (another from Les Caves de Pyrene).


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