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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Harvest 2006 day 2. Here's the story. Adriaan planted a vineyard 5 years ago, and hes been making wine from it. I've not seen him for more than a decade, but he finds out I've got into wine big time, and this year he hasn't the time to process the grapes. He generously offers them to me. I was expecting to make a tiny amount of wine from my allotment. Now I have the grapes from a modest vineyard to work with. They needed harvesting this weekend, which coincided with the birthday of my son and the 40th of a close friend of Fiona's, hence time has been tight.

Yesterday we harvested perhaps half the vineyard. Today we did another quarter. I was up last night until 2 am processing some grapes. It's called a learning curve. The weather has been ideal. We were harvesting in dry overcast conditions yesterday; warm and sunny today. Adriaan's vineyard has four varieties: Dornfelder and Regent (red); Seyval Blanc and Riechensteiner (white). Because of ripeness levels I'm blending both varieties of each colour together - the aim is to achieve balance by this prefermentation blending rather than by use of additions and fakery. More later - need to go and watch Spooks.


At 11:59 AM, Blogger billn said...

might have been better if you kept on the footie boots :-)

At 5:10 PM, Anonymous Alex Lake said...

How odd - my life seems to be running in parallel with yours as I've been harvesting my grapes (OK, so they're Black Hamburg and destined to become low-alcohol grape spritzer!), but plenty of 40th parties around and I also watched Spooks last night (Hope the PVR manages to get the 2nd episode tonight).

You'll be telling me next that you've been poring over specifications of Sat nav devices (what a minefield they are!) in order to choose one before the patience of those wanting to buy one for a present runs out.

No mention of your beloved City recently?

At 11:03 PM, Blogger Jamie said...

don't mention City. Will improve, I'm sure. Our only victory so far this season was an encouraging one, though.

Let me know your conclusions on sat nav! Could save me a lot of research.

Spooks - utterly great first episode, merely good second (baddie goes totally nuts is never a good plot line). But still, brilliantly put together. Glad it's back.


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