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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Five vats (well, 5 gallon buckets actually) of red are fermenting vigorously in my kitchen. A few times a day I'm punching the caps down and giving the must a bit of air. The colour is amazing. Normally, English red wines are a bit pale, like dark roses, but these wines will be vivid and quite dark if the current colour is anything to go by. I'm not going to be using barrels, nor microoxygenation, so it will be harder to fix that colour during elevage. But I still anticipate that the end result will be quite big wines. [Of course, colour isn't everything. But in the context of an English red wine, it's a promising sign.]


At 8:01 PM, Anonymous Ian W said...

Some people get all the luck, punching down in 5 gallon buckets! I started a ten month stay working on a domaine in Languedoc in late August just before the vendange started, and I've spent a fair bit of time since punching down the caps on half a dozen 50-60 hectolire cuves of syrah and grenache!

The domaine is bio-dynamic and everything in the cellar is none by taste and by the lunar callendar, thank goodness tomorrow is a "no work in the cellar" day as I'm knackered. Your problem if you taste twice dailly during fermentation, you won't have much left to bottle.

At 1:17 AM, Blogger Salil said...


Been taking tips from Michel Rolland? :)

At 8:02 AM, Anonymous Kinley said...

Interesting. Nigel from the Archers says his Madeline Angevine won't be ready until next week. Later ripening in the West?!

At 9:33 AM, Blogger Jamie said...

Hmmm, a ten month stint winemaking in the languedoc sounds like fun to me, but I imagine the reality is lots of hard work. Next year I fancy making some proper wine. I'm trying to work out a way of doing this - quite fancy the Douro or the Roussillon.

The reason I pulled the grapes in last weekend is that the pH (approaching 4) and acid levels (dropping) were looking a bit alarming on three of the varieties - it seems a very early harvest, but the site is sheltered on two sides by conifers which act as wind breaks, and it must get quite warm.

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