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Saturday, August 05, 2006

Jamie Goode, amateur beer critic, part two. This lunchtime I had another enjoyable beer. It was Innis & Gunn's Oak Aged (6.6% abv). Tasted from a Riedel 'O' series Syrah glass (a very useful beer glass, by the way) it was an appealing orange brown colour. It tasted rich and complex with sweet, honeyed, toasty aromas and a smooth palate with a bit of warm spiciness. Am I just being seduced by the oak, like novice wine drinkers? I don't think so: this is a nice, rich, complex drink. The real deal. I got it from Waitrose, but I think it's pretty widely available, and as I said before, good beer costs about the same as ordinary beer, which in this case was 1.49.

Visited the allotment earlier to check on the vines. Not much sign of fungal disease, but I gave them a prophylactic spray, and watered the younger ones. I think I'd like the whole vineyard to be Pinot Noir. Maybe I'll graft it all over. In the meantime, I reckon I'll make a vineyard blend, with red and white grapes together, and macerate on skins as if it was a red wine. Next year, when I get my first proper crop, I reckon I'll need to get an old barrel to make it in. Now that would be fun, although I don't think Fiona would like a barrel in the kitchen. I think there's room for one. And they look quite cool.


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