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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Just spent three days in Brittany, France, taking our boys to see their two sisters. We flew via Ryan Air from Luton to Brest and then hired a car. It would have been a remarkably painless way of travelling if we hadn't got hopelessly lost (a 78 mile journey ended up taking us 3 hours). When you are lost, you realize the importance of a decent map. We'd relied on a printout from Via Michelin, and then a map of the whole of France from a tourist information place in one of the towns we got lost in. Not a journey I wish to repeat. I'd also add that the Via Michelin directions suck, as does the quality of road signage in Northern France. Impressed with Ryan Air, though - but I wouldn't want to fly longhaul in one of those cabins: the rigid plastic backs of the seats mean you can't stretch your legs out in front of you.


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