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Thursday, June 08, 2006

I've been hard at work preparing my first ever powerpoint presentation! It's for a tasting and talk at the Cheltenham Science Festival tonight, on the science of wine. The event is sold out - I hope I don't disappoint the gathered crowd. Back in the days when I was a scientists presenting papers at conferences, powerpoint didn't exist: we used real 35 mm slides. And since then, when I've been hosting tastings, I've never used any visual aids. Tonight, though, I'll fire up my laptop and hit them with 40 odd slides - mostly nice pictures of vineyards and wineries - as we taste through six rather diverse wines and take a look at how science can be harnessed to help us understand what it is that makes great wines great, and then to use this information to help make more interesting wines.


At 3:26 PM, Anonymous Alex Lake said...

That sounds very interesting. Do tell us more!


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