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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Chez Goode now has wireless internet broadband. Total cost: 75 for wireless router, 50 for wireless USB adapters for the two desktop computers, 11.99 a month for an 8 Gb ASDL connection with madasafish. Installation time: should have been 10 minutes, but took c. 1 hour of frustrating troubleshooting - turned out I'd copied the router key down wrong. Oops.

UPDATE: wireless broadband is fantastic, but it brings with it a need for discipline. Leaving e-mail always on is a complete waste of time because you attend to each message as it arrives, breaking your concentration. Browsing wine bulletin boards and news sites is also a huge time-drain. As an aside, the next laptop I buy will be one with a screen bright enough that I can work outdoors. I would love to go off walking for a day, sitting down to write at regular intervals, and then walking some more, attending to nature and just letting my mind run free. My current laptop is great, but in direct light, the screen isn't visible.


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