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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Cancel the Cristal party! After last night's success at the Glenfiddich, surely it was too much to expect to win one or both of the Roederer awards I was shortlisted for. And it was. The book prize went to Jon Livingstone-Learmonth for his book on the northern Rhone, while the winewriter prize went to Andrew Jefford, one of my writing heroes.

Earlier on today I chaired the closures symposium, which was a tough old task. It's a technical subject, and the problem was that all the panellists more or less agreed on the key issues I raised with my questions. So a worthy debate, but not an exciting one. Important stuff, though.

The London wine tradefair itself is a mammoth event, and after one day I've hardly begun to scratch the surface. Tomorrow looks set to feature a long day's tasting. I'm typing this up from the press office at the fair, and then I'm off to the 2006 Dirk Niepoort dinner. After the last couple of days, I'm whacked.


At 8:48 PM, Anonymous Ian W said...

Never mind about this prize, at least you won one this week! And if you were going to lose to anything then it was going to be Jon Livingstone-Learmonth's book on the Rhone, I am still wading my way through it, I must give it back to the person who bought it soon.

On the LIWSF (?) I am a bit sad to have missed it this year, unfortunately I have three exams this week, and as a mature student and the only person in the country doing a Wine and French degree, I have to show willing and get good marks! Think of me tomorrow morning as you nurse your hangover, I'll be writing a French essay, and while you eat that diner on Thursday evening I will be spending my time regurgitating all I know on the History of Wine!

At 3:35 PM, Blogger Jamie said...

Hope you do well - my thoughts go with you - I still have the occasional nightmare in which I find I am resitting my finals without having done adequate revision.


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