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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Took the Jubilee Line and Docklands Light Railway out to Crossharbour this morning, for a by-line photoshoot for the Sunday Express. It was bitingly cold, and Canary Wharf and environs had a bleak, almost deserted feel.

The studio was on the ground floor of the Northern and Shell Tower, and after some attention from the stylist (guys, don't you just love wearing make-up?) I was photographed many times. I had to bring a light and dark shirt, and everyone laughed when I changed into my white shirt - let's just say that my standard of ironing isn't high, and I was in a rush this morning. We identified the photographer as the best ironer among us, so he straightened things out.

The pictures were surprisingly good. I'll post one here when I get the chance, and when blogger's image upload problem is fixed (it hasn't been working properly for three days, which means the only other option is the more time consuming one of loading the image to my site and then editing the post in html).


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