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Friday, March 03, 2006

I'm online at 30 000 ft somewhere between London and Singapore. And for free. How cool is that? I only get 30 minutes though, and it's surprising how quickly that goes online. I'm due into Singapore at 7 am, and I have lunch booked with some of my wine nut friends there, including the Man City-supporting Hsien Min. In the evening I'm back on the plane, and after nipping over from Melbourne to Singapore I'm going to be spending Sunday afternoon at Clonakilla. Then it's a few days of science before nipping back to Melbourne for the Yarra Valley. I'm looking forward to it.

Heathrow Terminal 3 sucks. I keep forgetting how crowded it is and how hideous the shops are past security: expensive 'label' shops mostly. There was only one bookshop, and it had a small range. The only interesting retail outlet here is a small Berry Bros & Rudd, which has a small but nicely chosen selection there. I wanted to buy some socks, because I've run out after recently chucking out all the ones with holes. It's a long time since I did this and so I was left with one pair of dark socks. Terminal 3 doesn't have anywhere you can buy socks, as far as I could tell.


At 3:12 PM, Blogger Jamie said...

Just checked the pricing. After the first free 30 min, it's US$10 per hour - surprisingly affordable.


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