Introducing my new book, Wine Science, with a short video

Here’s a short video in which I introduce my new book, Wine Science/The Science of Wine

The UK version is available now; The US version will be available in April.

To buy from Wine Science: The Application of Science in Winemaking

To buy from The Science of Wine: From Vine to Glass

If Amazon doesn’t serve your country, then the best thing would be to contact the local distributor for Mitchell-Beazley/Octopus (the UK publisher) or University of California Press.

3 comments to Introducing my new book, Wine Science, with a short video

  • Interested to hear of the extended and improved chapter on biodynamics. One thing occurred to me – is biodynamics, as a farming system, limited only to vineyards and wine production? I never hear about it in association with any other form of agriculture, apart from amateur horticulture.

  • Damien

    Nick, I think in most forms of agriculture making money, even if it’s enough to get you to next year, is more of an imperative. Wine seems to allow for more freedom from norms than virtually every other form of agriculture. Which is why it’s more interesting than I guess?

  • Damien

    You might point your readers to a (new?) outfit called
    Came across them recently and got hold of new wine books Barossa Shiraz and Postmodern Winemaking, from Australia & USA respectively with free p&p anywhere in the world (UK Amazon had neither available).

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