Distracted by a book revision

Apologies for the slight slowing down on my blog. I haven’t been posting every day, as I normally do, because I have been fiendishly busy, revising my Wine Science book.

The original was really good, and I was happy with it (even though I was plagued by self-doubt as I sent it out into the world). But it is 8 years old, and needs updating.

My biggest problem is that I could make it three times the size, and rewrite it completely. But then I think it would be less good as a book. So I’m doing a selective rewrite. There will be enough in it that’s different to make it a COMPULSORY purchase even for someone who already has a copy. But I’m trying to keep it the same sort of size.

My deadline is Thursday, and as I’m off to Bulgaria tomorrow afternoon, it leaves me relatively little time to complete the task.

Still, despite the pressure, I am really excited, and thrilled that Mitchell Beazley (who have practically stopped publishing wine books) have agreed to pay £££ for a revision. In the USA it will be published by University of California Press.

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