An incredible Barossa Shiraz – one of the best ever?

I was blown away by this wine. I’ve tasted lots and lots of Barossa reds, and of those, this is perhaps the best – or at least very close to that. When I poured it, the density and intensity colour made me suspect it was going to be one of those big, spoofy styles, but it wasn’t at all. There’s not a hint of over-ripeness here, and it weighs in at 13.5% alcohol, even though it is a concentrated beast. Unfortunately, it is also expensive.

Standish Andelmonde Shiraz 2007 Barossa
A single-vineyard Shiraz (Greenock) from Dan Standish, sealed with natural cork, 13.5% alcohol, with ‘minimal sulphur added’ according to the back label. Intensely coloured, with a nose that is ripe and sweet but has well defined blackberry, plum and dark cherry fruit with some spice and subtle earthy notes. The palate is hugely concentrated with dense, dark, ripe fruit beautifully framed by the fresh acidity and spicy, earthy savouriness. It’s beautifully judged with firm structure underpinning the sweet fruit, and the oak playing a supporting role. There’s no hint of over-ripeness, and this is a powerful but balanced wine. One of the best examples of Barossa Shiraz I’ve ever tried. 96/100 (£75 UK agent Stokes)

4 comments to An incredible Barossa Shiraz – one of the best ever?

  • Jonathan Palmer

    You would hope it would blow you away for 75 quid a bottle…

  • Alex Lake

    Interesting to consider this in the light of your previous item on points. All the Standish wines seem to cost £75, yet this is the one with the lowest Parker score… Have you tried the others?

  • Andrew Halliwell

    Jamie – if you were “blown away” by this wine and it’s one of the best examples of Barossa Shiraz you’ve ever tried and given that Barossa Shiraz is a widely acknowledged classic grape / region match, 96 sounds a bit mean to me. It’s your scale, but what’s wrong with 98 or 99? How many wines in the last 5 years have you awarded more than 96 points?

  • I’ve tried them in previous vintages and been really impressed, but this is the only one of the 07s I’ve tried

    I think there may be a disparity between the Jay Miller (Parker) scores and miner – I generally don’t like super-ripe, oakier wines.

    Andrew, that’s a good point. I don’t stray upwards of 96 points very often, but I do when the wine merits it. I’ve used 98 and 99 in the last year a few times. But you have to leave room for the truly amazing, exceptional wines.

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