Impressive Northern Rhône Syrah: Jaboulet's Thalabert in a new guise

Philippe & Vincent Jaboulet Crozes-Hermitage Nouvelière 2007 Northern Rhône, France
This is made from what were the bulk of the Thalabert vineyards, which Philippe and Vincent retained when Jaboulet was sold a few years ago. A very Burgundian expression of Syrah, with a smooth, slightly meaty, dark cherry nose with some plummy, green herby notes. The palate has a bit of pepper spice as well as good acidity and some savoury meaty notes with a hint of sweet oak. It’s a bit like a Central Otago Pinot Noir with added savoury notes and a bit more tannin. It’s a really attractive wine that will age well, and doesn’t show the rusticity often associated with this appellation. 91/100 (£18.65

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3 comments to Impressive Northern Rhône Syrah: Jaboulet’s Thalabert in a new guise

  • Hi Jamie, so CH makes “rustic” wines? Hmmm – new one on me as most CH is either a lovely soft cherry fruit stule (from the southern part of the Ac where the hills give way to the plains of the Isere)or a firm, quite full-bodied style (north to Gervans and the like). But rustic? I think you’ve lost it, mate LOL

  • Yes, Dermot – I think lots of Crozes-Hermitage are quite rustic – a combination of brettanomyces and perhaps a bit of greenness, both of which aren’t uncommon in the appellation. I don’t find many CH to be ‘soft’.

  • TommyB

    A master of wine who thinks CH aren’t a little rustic? Thats a new one for me.

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