Domaine Jean Baptiste Senat Minervois: another stunner from the Languedoc

It seems I’m having a bit of joy in the Languedoc. I may have to make a visit soon to see what’s going on. This is a beautifully pure, fresh, natural expression of Minervois.

Domaine Jean Baptiste Senat Minervois ‘Mais ou est Donc Ornica’ 2008
13.5% alcohol. Deep coloured. A wonderfully pure, fresh, elegant expression of Minervois that’s incredibly vibrant and drinkable, yet quite serious. There’s some spicy, mineral structure around which the dark black cherry and raspberry fruit fit quite beautifully. Fresh, a bit peppery, and with good acidity. There’s a little bit of edginess and a hint of earth, but the whole package is amazingly vibrant and supple with lovely fruit purity. Much fresher than most Languedoc reds. 93/100 (UK agent: Les Caves de Pyrene)

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3 comments to Domaine Jean Baptiste Senat Minervois: another stunner from the Languedoc

  • TommyB

    As a relatively new wine anorak one of my favourite regions for wine is the Languedoc and surrounding areas. You can get excellent value for your money in my opinion and most of the time the wines are tasty, enjoyable and characterful in their own unique way. I would be more than happy if you went down there and did some investigating! An under-valued region in general – I hope you concure!

  • Andrew Halliwell

    I was in the Languedoc for a few days last December, very attractive area and I enjoyed drinking some chunky reds and the bargain Limoux sparklers. But I also tried some wines at Cellar Doors that most people would regard as faulty. I didn’t go to that many places, but I was left with the impression that there didn’t seem to be much of a correlation between quality and price, with some of the more famous estates charging 15-20 euros for something that seemed no better than wines from some unknown guy charging 5.

  • When you do come down here, I insist you let me know. I’d love to hang out and taste some wine together! 🙂

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