A good, affordable Tasmanian Pinot Noir

I’ve struggled a bit with some Tasmanian wines in the past, which show a bit of unripeness. But this affordable example (£10 is cheap for Pinot Noir, remember) is really nice, and it’s even better after being open a couple of days, which makes me think that this would repay short-term cellaring.

Devil’s Corner Pinot Noir 2008 Tasmania, Australia
14% alcohol. From Tamar Ridge, one of the top producers on the island. Nice aromatic cherry fruit nose with a hint of sappiness. The palate is simple, juicy and pure with cranberry and cherry fruit, and just a hint of tannic structure. Fresh, light and quite joyful, and improves with a bit of air to reveal nice texture. A well judged lighter style of Pinot Noir. 88/100 (£9.99 www.findwine.co.uk)

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  • Hi Jamie What are you views on New World Pinot Noir in general and how they compare with Red Burgundy. I personally found the Yering Station from the Yarra Valley truly great. I’m not sure were you can buy it any more though.

    I’ve found a few NZ Pinot Noirs from Martinbourough and Malborough also very good. The Red Burgundy I’ve been trying has not really lived up to price tag, although I expect I’ve not tried the right stuff!

    If you read the views on the subject on Tom Cavanan’s wine-pages.com forum they are generally quite derogatory of new worlds PN and pretty much claim Red Burgundy is the only PN worth drinking. I’m told you need to spend about £20 on a Red Burgundy, but I’ve had a few good New World PNs around the £10 mark.



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