A brilliant 2009 Beaujolais

Beaujolais is a bit unfashionable these days. So many of the wines failed to deliver what Gamay from this part of the world is known for – ‘fun’.

Kermit Lynch famously described Beaujolais as the ‘one-night stand of wines.’ Fortunately, with the 2009 vintage, Beaujolais seems to have rediscovered fun, and mingled in a hint of seriousness, too. It’s a cracking vintage, with lovely purity and focus to the fruit. And this is a good example.

Henry Fessy Brouilly 2009 Beaujolais
13% alcohol. Sweet cherry and raspberry fruit dominates. Quite vibrant and rich with some floral violet notes. Juicy and fresh but with lovely fruit exression. Rich and quite dense but showing lovely purity and clarity. 91/100 (£9.99 Waitrose)

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  • Rich

    Dr. Oetker Ristorante has teamed up with wine guru Jilly Goolden to find the perfect wine matches for their delicious pizza range!

    Jilly has created a vodcast to coincide with the wine guide were she brings her passion for traditional italian flavours in the Ristorante range and links them to a selection of wines matching each pizza.

    The vodcast is viewable here http://bit.ly/abxhLY and links directly to the micro site including a wine guide download available and the Ristorante blog

    If you need anymore information or images, just contact ristorante@brazenpr.com.

  • Richard Morris

    Not sure what the above has to do with beaujolais.

    The above wine is not in my Waitrose. Did you get a release date?

  • No, I imagine it is stocked when the 2008 runs out – so it may be in some stores but not others – there’s waitrosewinedirect, of course, but last time I ordered from them I got the wrong vintage for a couple of wines – they may have sorted this out by now

  • Steve

    Some spam has sneaked through here Jamie.
    It’s 2009 in my local, but I just can’t gird myself to spend a tenner (TEN QUID) on a Gamay, no matter how lovely it’s reputed to be.

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