Video: Syrah and Shiraz - northern Rhone and Barossa

Here’s a short film of me tasting two contrasting wines. Both are from the same grape variety, but one is a Syrah (Jean-Luc Columbo Crozes-Hermitage Les Gravieres 2008), the other a Shiraz (St Hallett Dawkins Vineyard Eden Valley Shiraz 2009 Barossa, Australia). Both are very good but in quite distinctively different styles.

3 comments to Video: Syrah and Shiraz – northern Rhone and Barossa

  • D McGrew

    nice tasting but the dogs upstaged you again. My two were snoozing on the floor when yours barked. Took a couple minutes for them to settle down again.

  • richard kostraby

    No comparison Barossa wins always.

  • It struck me when you said the Crozes-Hermitage reminded you of Syrah from the Gimblett Gravels. I had a tasting of Esk Valley last week, and I had exactly the same experience. Especially on the nose the Gimblett Gravels Syrah made me think of a Saint-Joseph; the mouthfeel was different though, much less tannic.

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