Video: on the Hermitage hill

Here’s a short film of the wonderful hill of Hermitage: a relatively small appellation of 123 hectares, of which 25 are white grapes (mainly Marsanne), the remainder Syrah. It’s amazing t0 think that grapes have been grown on this hillside since 400 BC.

5 comments to Video: on the Hermitage hill

  • Great video Jamie, good orientation. I have been to Hermitage twice and it actually feels like a place where great wine is grown, unlike some equally famous vineyards.

    One thing I have always wondered though, how do the convential or organic growers stop their sprays from drifting over onto their neighbours biodynamic plots, especially if spraying by helicopter in the much evident wind, and with the plots right next to each other?

  • Cal

    It is really beautiful out there! I would love to go for a visit someday! Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Luca

    Great video Jamie, you can really feel how steep and sunny it is!

  • What people were growing vines there in 400 BC? I thought it was the Romans who introduced viticulture to Gaul and other parts of Europe?

  • Alex Lake

    When in doubt, blame the Greeks

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