Champagne under £8? I review Tesco's Pol Aimé Champagne NV on camera

champagne pol aime

Tesco are currently running a 25% off 6 bottles or more of wine. This offer includes their Pol Aimé Champagne, which is currently listed at £9.95. So with the multi-bottle discount, this brings the price down to £7.46. This makes it the cheapest Champagne I’ve seen for sale in the UK for practically ever. Champagne under £8? Has to be undrinkable, yes? I was curious so I picked up a bottle and reviewed it live on camera. Here’s my review, first take, as I try to assess whether or not this is money well spent.

Here’s the link to Pol Aimé on Tesco’s website. The product description is very interesting.

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