Why you need a dog

Or two dogs.

We’ve been dog owners for five years now. For almost a year, we have had two of them. Everyone should have a dog.

On one level they are a massive inconvenience. They cost lots of money. They create logistical challenges. They smell. You have to pick up poo. Owning a dog is an extra responsibility.

On another level, there are great benefits. The dogs have expanded the family. We got RTL at a time when things were very tricky with our boys, and – to a degree- she was therapeutic. Families are often too small and too intense; dogs expand the family in a helpful way.

And there’s the walking. It could be seen as a hassle, giving the girls two walks a day. Isn’t that a waste of time? Not at all. Taking time out every day to go for a walk is really healthy, both for the body and the mind. I find it a really important component of the day, adding a bit of balance to my rather odd work life.

It would be easier not to have dogs, but they bring a richness to our lives that is worth the price we pay. Pictured top is an autumnal scene from this morning’s walk on Hounslow Heath.

5 comments to Why you need a dog

  • I agree… Nothing like a dog! Unconditional love. My baby girl Daisy was the best. Hoping to do the rescue thing this time. Been a while since I lost my best girlfriend, so I think I’m ready. I think she would understand.

  • keith prothero

    NO thanks—-especially when youi travel a lot

  • Tim Carlisle

    I’d love a dog, but our house is too small and the garden tiny, that said when my Dad died which was not long after my sister and I flew the coop my Mum got a puppy and it’s been really good for her.

  • Joe Fisher

    I had a dog at home when I grew up and loved every minute of it. I’d love a dog now but a lot of people like me are in a similar boat – having to work during the day and not being able to look after it/leave it indoors/pay for someone else to look after it (A bit like parents paying nannies to look after their careers. Sorry kids.)

    Until I have more flexible working arrangements, or I retire, it’s simply not possible.

  • Angela Lloyd

    I couldn’t be without a dog – let’s be specific – a labrador. As I work from home, this is no hassle and we’ve always found some reliable dog lover to look after him/house whilst we’re away. What I really find beneficial is our daily walk; at 6am now. It’s not only great exercise, but a wonderfully peaceful time for thinking, either about what I’m reading (presently your Authenic Wine, Jamie)or what I’m writing or ideas for future articles. But there’s nothing worse than dog owners who can’t look after them properly.

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