What are my 12 most popular recent Instagram posts?

I love Instagram. I post pretty much every day, and interact with quite a few folk there (here’s my Instagram account). What’s interesting is looking at which posts get the most likes. Yes, it’s shallow, but it’s fun to see which pictures resonate most with the people who follow me. So I went back a couple of months and pulled out the 12 most popular posts. Here they are.


These are the top 6. At number 1, with 363 likes is a drawer of Champagne. Following closely is a slightly out of focus picture of a piece of 30 month old Comte. Maybe cheese is the way forwards? Also popular: Lapierre, Tondonia, Daumas Gassac and Maximin Grunhaus. Interesting.


The next six are all wine bottle shots. in 7th place with 233 likes, some 2014 Bordeaux, followed by Jamet 99. Then some nice wines from a lunch, including another Jamet 99. Then it’s Champagne, with a couple of Gimonnets and a 2002 Comtes (the like count is obscured, but it’s 203 on last check).

So, well known fine wines, grower Champagne and hunks of cheese – that’s the way to go.

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