Watch out: wine investment scam cold calling

Just a quick alert. Beware of anyone cold calling selling wine as an investment. I know this sounds like obvious advice, but some people seem to ignore it.

Lionel Nierop, who runs Bid For Wine, told me that he’s discovered that a scam company had been cold calling consumers, selling wine as an investment while pretending to represent Bid For Wine (who don’t use any telephone sales techniques). This is quite scary for someone like Lionel, because if consumers paid for wine, and then it failed to materialize, he’d be left to pick up the pieces.

Jancis Robinson has written on the topic here.  And Jim Budd has bravely published a list of companies he wouldn’t buy wine from here.

Be careful who you buy your wine from.

56 comments to Watch out: wine investment scam cold calling

  • colm a

    i have received a bill from a wine company no list of wines purchased or i under any obligation to pay this bill as i may have inadvertently agreed purchase as this company is on list of those to avoid.Any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks to jamie Goodie for excellent website

  • Charles George

    I was cold called 3 times by “Silvermere ltd” today. The 1st time was only 10-15 minuets of corporate spin. I thought it sounded dodgy and to good to be true, so I refused. They wanted me to buy wines from “Vin-ex Wines”. They said they will send me a company publicity magazine next week, which I will put in the bin. The guy was called Ricky.

    A few hours later I was hit by 2 more cold corporate calls harassing me in to agreeing to buy the “Vin-ex Wines” wine and “Gray Eye Forestry” wood and forestry land plots. I said I was not interested, it sounded dodgy and slammed down the receiver. The guy was called Dan.

  • Charles George

    I was also called by a bloke called Albert yesterday, from “Grayson Consulting”. He wanted to do a consumer survey on my home continence insurance, life insurance and freezer warranties.

    I turned him down as his phone-line was very poor quality and he seemed a bit of a shifty sort by the way he spoke. Are they connected to “Silvermere ltd”, “Vin-ex Wines” and “Gray Eye Forestry”.

  • Charles George

    In relation to my 2014 brush with the “London Wine Exchange”, it’s now out of business.

  • Martin b

    Hi all has anyone heard of a company called v c l vintners ltd .i have been pestered non stop by them for the last week or so promising huge financial gains by investing in there wines any help will be greatfuly received

  • Charles George

    APN had a young lad who sounded like Dan call up twice to offer me shares in a faking site. I refused since 80% profit is impossible.

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