Tosca in Orange

Just back from a few days staying in Avignon, as guest of Chateauneuf producer Ogier. The reason for the trip was that Ogier are sponsors of the Choregies d’Orange. Last night, as their guests, Fiona and I attended a performance of Tosca at the Roman theatre in Orange.

It was a spectacular setting: 8000 people in a Roman theatre, watching some serious opera. For the first act, the theatre was like a furnace. 40 C temperatures had warmed up the stone seating during the day, and the stone then duly gave up the heat after sunset – it was like an oven. But this didn’t detract from the drama and magic of the performance.

We crashed the post-show party and ended up leaving at 0130. A fabulous evening.

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  • wow! what a great event to be in!very nice show to watch and by the look of the people on those pictures, i can say, it’s worth watching!

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