The weather breaks

It has been an amazing summer here in the UK. The best I can remember, with perhaps the exception of 2003. Lots of sun, consistently warm temperatures, and almost daily opportunities to eat outside in the evening. Over the last few years such occasions have been rare.

The vines are loving it. It has been an ideal growing season, starting a little late, but with beautiful weather through flowering and very low disease pressure. The drought has kept the vigour of the vines in check. I haven’t sprayed in ages. But I will be using some sulphur tomorrow on the vines, because today the weather broke.

We had a lot of rain today. Several torrential downpours. The forecast for the next few days is good, with temperatures remaining high, but perhaps a little less sunshine than of late. Pictured above is our back garden this evening, with an attractive rainbow in between the showers. You can see the row of vines in the foreground.

4 comments to The weather breaks

  • Was in Lytham St Annes (Lancs) for five days until Wednesday and it poured down most of the time. Much-needed rain, by all accounts, though I was aghast to hear that the temperatures in “that there London” were around the upper 20s. Just not fair!

  • Ben Smith

    Jamie I agree that so far this has been best UK summer since (at least)2003. Let’s hope it keeps it up now that the schools have broken up!

  • Ben G

    Hi Jamie, about the vines in your garden …interested to know what your plans are for them? …varietal, expected number of bottles, etc?

  • Guy

    You need to get deleafing! A bit of fresh air and exposure always good for a grape.

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