Summer draws to a close

Summer is drawing to a close. It’s a significant time of year for me.

Living here in the UK, our summers are relatively short. I love being outdoors, and autumn heralds a retreat indoors. It’s the time of year when, instead of looking forward, you begin to look back on the year so far, and forwards to the next season. A transition time. The new term, with a rush towards the Christmas season.

The boys go back to school this coming week, and the week after I begin my travelling again (I avoid travel when they are both at home). In September I am heading off to Portugal, Russia and Norway in quick succession, then to New Zealand again in October.

When you are a freelancer, nothing is terribly predictable. You just hope that enough good, paying work comes in to meet the bills. I try to balance my work life between good paying gigs, and gigs that don’t pay so well but which are worthwhile and stimulating. If I break even, and I help the good guys to win, then I am happy.

Pictured above is Hanworth Park earlier this evening. It’s our closest dog walking patch.

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