Sir Alex to become a wine importer? He follows Parker…

The News of the World reports today that when Manchester United manager retires (he’s now 69) he plans to get into the wine trade in some capacity – either as an importer or even a vineyard owner.

Apparently, he’s pretty serious about wine, and follows the advice of Robert Parker. You can read the full story here.

As a City fan, I’ll be faced with an ethical dilemma if I ever have to review a wine he produces.

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  • Chris Gladwin

    Jamie, I presume you live in London.
    Why are you a Manchester City fan, out of interest?

    Are you a Manc who’s had to move down south?

  • I was born in Manchester, from a blue family

  • Chris Gladwin

    “A blue family”!! Love it!

    So, you have a thick Manchester accent, then?

  • of course not. grew up in the home counties. now live in london

  • SimonDay

    I was involved with Man Utd wine sourcing/blending and bottling back in the mid 90’s at Lamberhurst, (the wine was mostly from Y’von mau) and we launched the own label Man Utd wines featuring labels with various players of the time – particularly popular was Eric Cantona Cabernet. When the wine was launched, we hosted a big function with Sir Alex and a handful of celebrity supporters, and I had a somewhat surreal opportunity of showing Alex Ferguson, (who I could barely understand), Eamonn Holmes (who came in vibrant showbiz orange make up), and Gary Rhodes (who had grounded his Lamborghini on the speed humps on the way in), and various others around the winery where the wine had been bottled, followed by TV cameras and press reporters. I had to pretend to support Man Utd for the press, but had no real interest, which made for some stilted interviews on the local news!

  • Chris Gladwin

    Oh, so not a “genuine” Mancunian, then.

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