Seen on a Pinot Noir vine leaf…

10 thoughts on “Seen on a Pinot Noir vine leaf…

  1. I found something similar on the *underside* of a leaf in my vineyard.

    The leaf was folded over, downwards, and the two surfaces held together by what looked like spider silk.

  2. Chris, you’re scaring me. There was only one affected leaf on all 44 vines. (the other 43 are too young – put in almost 3 weeks ago). There is an apple tree, downhill from the vines, on the property. There are also figs, avocados and citrus trees. All seem unaffected.

    What can be used to fight LBAM?

  3. Arthur,

    we have LBAM here in Dorset (as well as various other caterpillars, snails, slugs and even Japanese beetles eating the vines) and while they cause a bit of damage I’m loath to use insecticides as they’ll kill off the natural predators as well. If you only have 44 vines it should be pretty easy to remove them by hand. We have 33,000 but even so I doubt I’ll be spraying.

  4. Thanks Chris

    The other concern I have in Los Angeles is sharpshooters…. I saw one on a vine recently but could not get close enough to see the markings to determine if it is GWS.

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