Reminded of my shady past – acoustic rock with a celtic spirit

Just been walking the dog on Hounslow heath, when I bumped into Vanessa, who I used to be in a band with at college. We were called ‘Tintagel’, and Trevor, the bass player and wordsmith, put up a myspace page for the band a few years ago. Brings back a lot of fun memories.

7 comments to Reminded of my shady past – acoustic rock with a celtic spirit

  • keith Prothero

    So you went to Royal Holloway. Pass it most days on the way to Wentworth—looks a beautiful building with plenty of lovely girls walking to and from the collage along the A30!!!!

  • Yes spent six happy years there. Did a bit of studying.

  • william beavington

    Jamie – I notice you are particularly trim and lean in this photo – why not make it your goal to get back to that look?

  • keith Prothero

    Indeed William——thought the same myself but was too polite to mention it!!
    By the way,we must get together for lunch or dinner one of these days—–and perhaps invite that rather tubby brother-in-law.

  • william beavington

    I couldn’t agree with you more Keith – that would be MOST satisfactory. Marvellous idea.

  • Alex Lake

    How about one of your Richmond Park cycling sessions? Is that hilly enough?

  • Ian Hampson

    I saw you at Greenbelt and bought the tape. Amy chance of a CD / download release?

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