Random musings on a lovely day

After two weeks of non-stop work (a bit like having a real job – not sure I can cope with that!), today was a chance to relax. Blue skies (just a little haze), warmest temperatures of the year, and younger son, the only one at home at the moment, off for the day.

But some deadlines are looming over me and I had to write entries on Portuguese wineries for Dorling Kindersley’s Opus Vino book project. I’m late, and I even had a chasing email from the managing editor, so this needs to be finished by Monday, because I’m off to the USA on Tuesday. So I spent the morning working hard, then Fiona and I headed off with RTL to the Valley Gardens in Windsor Great Park.

We had a fabulous walk. Maybe I’m getting old and boring, but there are few pleasures to match a long walk in beautiful surroundings with good company. But everything botanical seems to be late this year, held up by the cold winter and low temperatures of spring.

When we got back we washed RTL with a hose in the garden. She hates it, and stands there trembling pathetically. It makes us feel like bad owners, but if she doesn’t get washed, she smells really, really bad.

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