Off travelling again

I’m in Heathrow Terminal 1, off on some more travels. Just a brief four day trip this time, to Portugal and Spain visiting a number of wineries I’ve not been to before.

I love travelling and visiting vineyards. I always learn lots. While you could be a wine critic just sitting in your office in London tasting wines, I think this would be entirely unsatisying. It’s only by visiting the vineyards, looking at the vines, meeting the people, getting a flavour for the regions, that you are able to really understand the wines.

There’s more to a wine than what is just in the bottle. But, of course, there is the danger that when you taste wines in situ, everything tastes good. It’s important to aim at objectivity, and with experience you tend to be better at this.

If travelling to vineyard regions ever became a chore, or just a job, I think I’d stop and go and do something different.

2 comments to Off travelling again

  • Jamie as you wrote….If travelling to vineyard regions ever became a chore, or just a job…..hey give me a ring if it does..lolol

  • Totally agree Jamie, the chance to visit a region or domaine and to meet the people and places that gave birth to the wine should never be passed over. I get a real excited buzz from it and can’t ever imagine it becoming a chore. Of course, I don’t get to do it as often as I would like to.

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