It's puppy's birthday

I have had a number of complaints from readers about the lack of dog-related content on this blog. So here’s an attempt to redress this imbalance.

Puppy, aka FFS (Fat Furry Slug) is now one year old. This time last year I got back from a trip to Chile to find that RTL had given birth. To a solitary pup.

We had intended to produce a healthy-sized litter in order to make hard ££££ to pay older son’s school fees with. But we ended up with a singleton, and no one wants singletons, so we kept her.

FFS has turned out to be a remarkably well adjusted, fun loving doggie. But she’s remarkably un-labradoodle like in her appearance. Pictured top is her aged 1 year; the picture above is her aged one day. Quite a transformation.

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