Govino wine glasses, making plastic cool

Really impressed by these govino wine glasses. They are made from plastic, in the same shape as the Riedel ‘O’ series glasses, but with a thumb notch, which makes them really comfortable to hold.

My previous experience of plastic wine glasses hasn’t been great: they have been made to replicate normal glasses, with a stem. This stemless approach is a much better idea, and these glasses are washable (by hand).

I can see them being a great hit for outdoor events, or public tastings. The limitation might be that people will regard them as disposable if they are used at events, and this could make them too expensive because people will throw them away (like skiffs) rather than return them for washing. And commercial outfits will want to wash them by machine, which will kill these glasses.

Perhaps their best use is as a ‘to keep’ glass for tastings, or for personal use. I like them, and I’ve tried them alongside regular glass ‘O’ series glasses, which suggests that scalping (absorbance of flavour compounds by the plastic) isn’t a real issue.

Availability in the UK is from Bibendum Wine who distribute them. Retail availability is from Around Wine, where each of the glass sizes is £10 for 4

Picnics will never be the same again!

3 comments to Govino wine glasses, making plastic cool

  • Mark

    I loved the looks of these when I saw them at Around wine, and was keen until I found out they are only for a few uses, I think about 4, which makes it quite expensive.

  • Alex Lake

    Yes, I approve of truly reusable plastic glasses (or should that be plastics) but throw-away ones seem wrong to me – they’re not even that cheap!

  • I don’t like them. I find the edges rather sharp.

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