Goodbye: Gary V leaves the world of wine

So, Gary Vaynerchuk has left the world of wine. After 1000 episodes of (which he retired from earlier this year), and then 89 episodes of the daily grape, the wine world loses one of its most colourful, entrepreneurial and charismatic figures.

He’s announced that he will no longer be doing what he is best known for: snappy, zany, engaging videos of him tasting wine.

It’s how he came to fame. After building his family wine business up from $4 m to $45 m turnover, he began tasting wines in front of camera, and was amazingly good at it, building up a huge following and spawning a legion of imitators.

But after five years, he’s finished. Moving on to new things. ‘It was never on the cards for me to spend my entire career for me to be a wine critic,’ he announced. ‘I love wine, but I am an entrepreneur first; I’m ready to do some new things.’

Gary V has been great for the world of wine, in my opinion. He’s drawn lots of new people into wine, by communicating enthusiastically about it, but also having an informed opinion and a decent palate. Heck, I’ve been on the underground in London and seen fellow passengers watching Gary V episodes on their iPhones and iPods. He’s very, very good at what he does.

But it’s clear that his ambitions stretch far beyond wine. ‘I feel ready. I have a lot of ambition in life. There are a lot of things I want to accomplish.’

He’ll be missed by the world of wine.

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