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Despite having possessed a smartphone for 9 months now, this is the first time I have written a blog post with it.
The reason? It just takes ages. And mobile data connections are annoyingly slow.
I have tried playing with a blackberry, and it’s also slow. Being mobile has its trade-offs.
What about the iPad? I had a good play with one a couple of weeks ago, and it seems like a useful communication tool. I am not sure I could live with it alone – I would still need a laptop, and then a netbook would be cheaper and just as portable.
For the last three years I have done all my work on a laptop. I have just replaced this with a shiny new desktop running Windows 7 pro, and it is brilliant. And it wasn’t expensive.
what about taking notes at tastings? I see quite a few of my peers using laptops. am I going to go electronic? Nope. Moleskine notebook and ink pen is the way to go. It’s quick, convenient, and doesn’t require lots of space or a power socket.

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  • Alex Lake

    TN’s via speech recognition are hilarious, though.

  • Don’t know why you find mobile blogging slow; do you mean typing or data transfer? The latter I find pretty good here in Poland (in major cities: don’t know if it’s EDGE or HSDPA but not much slower than broadband at home; even uploading videos from a phone is OK). Typing on the screen is a pain but if with a slide keyboard smartphone, I find this more than efficient to take notes and write short articles such as blog entries.
    Re: tasting note taking, notebook and pen might be convenient but how much time does it take to retype the TNs into a computer? For me, same time as tasting. So 3 days of London Wine Fair = 3 days of typing work. I gave that up in 2006. Now I deck the smartphone in and notes are on hard drive in 1s.

  • Greg

    Love the Moleskines, quite a few full ones dotted around, despite the piss taking I get when I’m jotting down notes.

  • I like your style 🙂

  • I like to write in my Moleskines. I use a small one for my daily notes and have a larger, soft version for casual notes. I type them into a laptop or desktop because I also use Photoshop on my pictures. We have an iPad 2 3G so perhaps with the Bluetooth keyboard and camera connector it might be a good mobile platform. I suspect I will always takes note in the Moleskin because it is a change from typing on a computer all day long. Plus I like the random wine stains.

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