Bank holiday weekend

As it’s bank holiday. older son is back from boarding school for the weekend. It can be complicated with both boys at home – they have lots of energy, and tend to wind each other a bit. We had a good morning, though, walking the dog over to Feltham bowls, where they love inspecting the graffiti. It was nice to be out together as a family, and despite the odd tension, it went well. Fiona and I don’t ask for much: to function as a normal family would be amazing.

Things were less successful in the afternoon when we went over to Hounslow, to pick up younger son’s mobile phone, which was in for repair (he’s broken two phones so far, but this, the third, wasn’t his fault). The boys got cross with each other, and then with us. But since we have been home, everything has been OK. And City beat Villa 3-1, and I’ve had a lovely New Zealand Pinot tonight (Felton Road Cornish Point 2008) with some duck breast. Sweet as!

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