At Wimbledon, drinking fizz and watching The Fed

Had a super day’s fun at Wimbledon today. Hospitality courtesy of Champagne Lanson saw a troop of wine press gather on a perfect day for tennis, including Tim Atkin, Anthony Rose, Ollie Smith, Victoria Moore, Guy Woodward, Rosie Davenport, Will Lyons and David Longfield.  We were lucky enough to have tickets for the Centre Court, where The Fed was in action.

Everyone was expecting him to walk his game against Falla (a Colombian 58 places below him in the world rankings). But The Fed lost the first set, then the second, and in the third Faller had just to win his service game for a straight sets win that would have been one of the all-time Wimbledon shocks.

Of course, he didn’t. The Fed came back, and in the end won in five sets. But it was a brilliant game.

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