An argument for screwcaps

There’s an article in The Times today reporting on how the National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) have called for minimum pricing on alcohol, as one of a raft of measures to clamp down on alcohol abuse.

Professor Ian Gilmore, head of the Royal College of Physicians and chairman of the Alcohol Health Alliance, said he witnessed “week in week out the burden of alcohol on patients”. A “lot of people were opening a bottle of wine every evening and struggling to get the cork back in again”, he said.

This sounds like a great argument for screwcaps.

More seriously, I’m not sure there’s much that minimum pricing will achieve. Instead, we should be asking why people are choosing to abuse alcohol to such an extent. Is there something wrong with our society that makes people want to drink too much? Of course, asking questions like this makes politicians uncomfortable – much easier just to bring in some panic legislation that simply addresses these symptoms of societal malaise.

3 comments to An argument for screwcaps

  • william beavington

    Do you think he’s really talking about wine? I can see that he uses the analogy of getting the cork back in but surely he’s referring to spirits isn’t he?. You and I both drink a bottle of wine a night – day in – day out – having said that, when did you last get your liver checked out? I shall follow your lead…….

  • I’ve never had my liver checked out. Should do, really. I will make that a goal.

  • …….or an argument for litre bottles! 😉

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