A note about comments

One of the nice things about this new blog format is that it puts an end to the negative anonymous comments that ruined the atmosphere a bit on my older blog. Now all comments have to be approved, and the ip numbers of commentors are recorded.

I really welcome comments – even critical ones. But hopefully this end to anonymity will keep the mood around here a bit more positive.

6 comments to A note about comments

  • Johnnie Baptiste

    Good move. Anonymity was being abused, and it gave rise to an unpleasant atmosphere. I hope things can be a bit more civil from now on!

    I like the atmosphere on the message board on Purple Pages – I don’t think Jancis would tolerate rudeness and neither should you!

  • Alex

    Sad, but the right decision. Not sure if it stops anonymous postings (eg I could have called myself Keith!) but reduced spam and abuse is good.

  • Charlie Matthews

    Not only was anonymity being abused, it occasionally created a playground tit for tat atmosphere when one anonymous poster would berate another (anonymous) poster.
    The new format looks excelle,t and I look forward to reading more Wine Anorak in 2010.

  • jamiegoode

    thanks for the feedback – should make for a better vibe

  • Only just found your new website Jamie—-takes a bit of getting used to but nice to see you are still alive and kicking.
    Was beginning to wonder why no new material had been posted recently!!

  • Agree 100% with this move.
    But Blogger too has a moderation option and I’ve always wondered why you didn’t use it Jamie.
    Great looks to the new blog. I agree with WordPress being a superior engine, though photo posting is a bit more painful than on Blogger IMHO (I use both).

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