A little, fat, furry slug - now a week old

Forgive the non-wine related indulgence of a post on our little sluggy – RTL’s singleton pup.

She’s now a week old, and doing very well. Soon she will open her eyes, and in a while will be entering her peak phase of cuteness. We aren’t sure whether or not we are willing to become a two dog family, but it will be hard to let her go…

RTL is doing well now, but for the first few days she was a nightmare. She kept whining and panting, looking very anxious. We had to take her to the vet (£££) to check that there wasn’t anything seriously wrong with her. I suspect the fact that her litter was so small was causing her a good deal of anxiety. Now she’s calmed down, and going for walks again.

One of the videos from her last litter is now a YouTube hit, with almost 60 000 views (here). From this I deduce that day 38 is the peak of cuteness for labradoodle puppies.

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